PNG and MNG Tools



Bmp2png/png2bmp is a tool for converting between the Microsoft Windows BMP and the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) formats on DOS and Win32 platforms.

The author of bmp2png/png2bmp is MIYASAKA Masaru

Bmp2png/png2bmp is open source and may be used by anyone without fee.

The source code for bmp2png/png2bmp is in the bmp2png package here at SourceForge and at the author's web site, (Japanese).

bmp2png/png2bmp requires libpng and zlib, which are available at and at

Precompiled binaries for DOS and Win32 platforms, built with libpng-1.0.5, are in the bmp2png-executables package here (English) and at (English and Japanese).

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