If you don't have a MNG-capable browser, you'll see a lot of broken image icons. The second row and fourth rows are in JPEG and PNG format so you should at least see those.

MNG-capable browsers will probably also complain about the JDAA-encoded MNGs because they have private JdAA chunks and private "129" alpha_compression_type fields, which we must use unless JDAA gets approved. alpha_16th_q95_x16.png
Demonstration of JNG using JDAA-encoded alpha.
Screen shot of glenn99.jng
Screen shot of nancy99.jng
These are scaled-down screen shots of how a
JNG-capable viewer would display the two frames
in a JNG, against a pale green background. The
actual JNGs are 768x1024.
glenn99p.jng nancy99p.jng
glenn99.jng with IDAT-alpha
99142 bytes full size
nancy99.jng with IDAT-alpha
96201 bytes full size
glenn99.jng nancy99.jng
glenn99.jng with JDAA-alpha
87706 bytes full size
nancy99.jng with JDAA-alpha
84765 bytes full size
The JDAA-encoded alpha channel was made with
ImageMagick, converting with "quality 60".
The main images were converted with "quality 70".
Both in one MNG
Alpha channel as PNG
23592 bytes full size
Alpha channel as JPG
12135 bytes full size
Alpha channel as MAGN
1/16th scale PNG
1017 bytes remagnified
Alpha channel as MAGN
1/16th scale q95 JPG
983 bytes remagnified
Copyright 2000, Glenn Randers-Pehrson, all rights reserved.
Photos copyright 1999, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, all rights reserved, used with permission.
The JNG and MNG files were assembled by Gerard Juyn with his MNGeye program.