Demo of JNG vs PNG vs GIF capabilities

jng (IDAT)
3843 bytes:
mng (JNG/JDAA)
3942 bytes:
png (RGBA)
22732 bytes:
jpg (opaque)
2774 bytes:
opossum.jng opossum.mng opossum.png opossum.jpg

gif, threshold
8532 bytes:
gif, ordered
8341 bytes:
gif, F-S
8568 bytes:
gif, random
8597 bytes:
opossum.gif opossum-ordered.gif opossum-fs.gif opossum-random.gif

Test of PNG MNG JNG JPG GIF XBM as CSS background-image.

The LZW-compressed GIFs on this page were made in the United States in July, 2003
Copyright 2003, Glenn Randers-Pehrson ( All rights reserved.